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Gaby's Mike Bibby site!


On this page I'll describe Mike Bibby's life and career: his very wonderful accomplishments and the not-so-very wonderful downfalls he has survived.


Mike was only two years old when his parents decided to make the move to Phoenix, Arizona. His father, Henry, was given a job as an assistant coach for Arizona State's basketball team. He later decided to continue on his job as a coach for several different teams around the world. While Virginia raised Mike and his two brothers and sisters she, along with many others, noticed the amazing talent Mike had on the court. He could sure work that ball!

In his high school, Shadow Mountain, in Phoenix Arizona Mike averaged 34 points a game and helped his team towards a state title. Above all these accomplishments, Mike remained extremely grateful to his mother for all the hard pushing she'd do. Due to her determination to see Mike succeed, he was one of the best basketball players! Moreover, his talent on the court caught the eye of University of Arizona's recruiters. Mike continued to play basketball wonderfully at the U of A for two seasons and was named PAC-10 player of the year his sophomore AND freshmen year before turning pro. Keeping the faith and appreciating his mother's encouragement, Mike started 248 consecutive games to begin his NBA career. He led the 1999-2000 Grizzlies in assists as he broke and made records. Next, Bibby was traded from Vancouver to Sacramento along with Bret Price for Jason Williams and Nick Anderson. He continues to make Sacramento Kings fans as proud as can be as he kicks major butt on the court. He's definitely one of the best out there!

Ever hear of Social Darwinism? The term means "Survival of the fittest." In other words, it states that in nature, only the FITTEST (intelligent & hard working) receive the benefits of the environment (wealth and talent). Therefore, many claim Bibby's success as that of a Social Darwinist whom was born with the talent to become an NBA player with major accomplishments. Nevertheless, Mike claims that his mother's determination for him, along with his brothers and sisters, to succeed is what kept him going. He refuses to give his father full credit for his amazing basketball abilities and firmly states, "You know, my mom isn't a famous person like my dad. But I wish when they say, 'Mike Bibby, son of Henry Bibby,' and all that stuff, I wish they could just say, 'Son of Virginia Bibby.' She's the reason I'm here. That's who I am."

Other folks who speak very well of Mike are definitely his current and former coaches. University of Arizona's Lute Olson claims he's very "tender." They sure see Mike's inner-self and state his friendly positive side. Others believed that Bibby's weaknesses revolved around his defense, particularly defending guards off the dribble. Some state that "he can be had by ultra-quick point guards and must work hard to play defense well on the next level. Inexperience is another question mark. Though he played in a pressure-cooker atmosphere at Arizona, Bibby still has plenty of room to grow."

On the other hand, Bibby enjoys the company of his family very much. He is currently living with his girlfriend, Darcy, and his beautiful children. Of course, his mother does not miss a game as she cheers on like she always has. Mike enjoys listening to rap music and claims Tupac Shakur's "Only God Can Judge Me" as his self-described theme song. Burger King is one of his favorite fast food places to catch a bite.  However, he very much rather eat at Famous Sams in Tucson Arizona.  Additionally, he has his own shoe!

Mike continues to improve his basketball techniques each day he's on the court. He believes that success does not consist of an ending and claims that everyone should struggle until their goal is accomplished. It seems he follows this himself. May he continue to bring upon wonderful basketball memories to all of his fans?  SURE!  We are all so very proud of him!

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At a Glance

Full Name:  Michael Bibby
Date of Birth:  May 13, 1978, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Height:  6-1
Weight:  190 lbs.
College:  University of Arizona (GO WILDCATS!)
Major:  Family Studies
High School:  Shadow Mountain High School, Phoenix, AZ
Contract/Salary:  $4,174,898 (wowsers!)

Family:  Father, Henry Bibby (Former NBA Player, current USC coach). Mother, Virginia Bibby, two brothers (Hank & Dane) & two sisters (Charlsie & Roslyn), girlfriend, Darcy, and their two children: Michael Dane and Janae Marie
Favorite Music:  Rap
Favorite Athlete:  Jason Kidd
Best Friends:  Michael Dickerson, Stephen Jackson
Astrological Sign:  Taurus



Photos are once again courtesy of MikeBibby.com (Thanx Jeff!)
Information gathered from several web sites (yahoo.com, search Mike Bibby